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According to some researchers, the quality of food we consume affects the intellectual abilities of our brain. This is probably why we often use the sentence "tell me what you eat and I'll tell you who you are". Whatever the case, it is a fact that as we discover the products and eating habits of a place, we learn a lot about its climate, its geology, its people and their customs. 
In short, each and every bite of food opens a window to that place's history.
Santorini is a characteristic example. The volcanic explosions and the pouring lava burnt rocks and formed a porous terrain. The composition of this terrain together with drought and the microclimate resulting from territorial humidity and the morning dew from the sea, gave the produce of the island a distinct taste.
Santorini's cuisine is mainly based on the island's own agricultural products. These products, nourished by the volcanic soil, the bright sun and the humidity from the Aegean Sea, have a very unique taste. This results in high quality ingredients that are used to cook the delicious tasty and healthy dishes you will be able to enjoy in the island’s many taverns and restaurants. 

Traditional dishes, expressing the island's food culture, include fava - split peas, tomato balls, white aubergines, stuffed courgettes, cooked capers, fresh cheese, sausages, wild rabbit with a cheese and egg sauce, brantada, sweet melitinia, and saffron bread rusks. 
Santorini's top quality wines, from the dry whites to the sweet dessert Vinsanto, have made the island the gastronomy experts' paradise.
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