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Volcano Island

Geological evidence indicates that the volcano in Santorini first appeared 80.000 years ago. Apart of the ash that found on the seabed, the crater expelled other heavier substances that poured out in liquid or semi-liquid form at a great heat and shaped a cone. This cone gradually grew, covering the surface of the sea and joined with the islets already there to form an approximately circular island that used to be called Strongyli (round).

The second catastrophic eruption happened around 1500 BC, and as result the greater part of the island was sent to the bottom of the sea and lead some to conclusion that Santorini may be the Lost Atlantis. 
All that was left above the surface of the sea were parts of its perimeter that enclosed a gigantic basin filled with sea – the caldera. These parts called today Santorini and Thirassia islands. The caldera (or crater) created by this eruption is said to have measured as much as 83 square kilometres in area. It presently extends down to 480 meters below sea level inside of the wall of cliffs which ring it and which themselves rise up as much as 300 meters above sea level. From time to time various craters erupted in the caldera, though unimportant, yet restarted the process of filling in the caldera. The lava shaped cones around the crater, at first under the sea, and later projected above the surface and formed the two islets of Palaia Kameni and Nea Kameni.

If you wish to take a tour to the caldera, various travel agencies organise daily tours.
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