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The shrub grows on the slopes of the Caldera. The blossom and leaves are collected from wild capers and this is why they have a more intense aroma and a spicier taste. Try them in salads, fresh or dried.
Fresh cheese 
Fresh goat's cheese with a creamy texture and a light sour taste, is of a limited production and usually for household use. Try it whenever you have the chance.
Cherry Tomato 
A small fruit variety, with thick leaves, and a unique taste. Tomato paste is also produced from this variety of tomato.
Fava - Split peas 
Santorini's split peas are considered unique. They are tiny and differ from other split peas as they become mushy on their own, have a distinct aroma and are tighter. Split peas can be found in many recipes from Santorini, with onions, pork pieces, in soup, or with aubergines and tomatoes. 
Santorini's own round courgette.
White aubergine 
The special Santorini soil makes more sweet, juicier and with less seeds than usual aubergines.
Santorini's own very tasty cucumber.
Dark and small, with many seeds and an excellent taste.
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